Hacing completed and launched the $37.5 million outdoor stage, the City of Gold Coast is now progressing with the next stage of the Home of the Arts (HOTA) Project, the construction of the new HOTA Gallery and a bridge to Chevron Island to improve connectivity.

In July, City of Gold Coast revealed the new concept designs for the HOTA Gallery and the green bridge. Early works are starting now. Once completed in early 2021, the purpose-built $60.5 million HOTA Gallery will be the largest public gallery outside a capital city in Australia with the ability and ambition to present touring exhibitions and projects that focus on art and design, both indoors and out.

The new HOTA Gallery will create playful and inclusive spaces. This will be a place of connection and innovation where art and ideas flourish. A bright, functional space that’s brought alive with art and interactive experiences. It will be a place where both locals and visitors can wander, explore and engage with the art and artists. ARM Architecture, the creative mind behind the HOTA Gallery concept design, has a reputation for creating culturally significant buildings and precincts that stretch the boundaries of architectural and urban thought. Their ideas behind the concepts for the six-level international standard gallery will include massive AAA rated exhibition spaces.

While not due to open until 2021, a huge amount of work will take place behind the scenes to prepare the collection for its eventual relocation to the new HOTA Gallery. Gallery staff are currently engaged in digitising the collection – creating a digital record of each piece of art – in preparation for the move. The City’s permanent collection features more than $30 million worth of art, including one of the largest collections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in regional Australia. The new HOTA Gallery will allow the City Collection to be showcased in new and exciting ways.

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