Global furniture brand King Living has paired with world-renowned interior designer Jeffrey Alan Marks to exclusively offer Oceanview; a range of classic fabrics firmly embedded in a coastal living aesthetic. Inspired by imagining the sea under the shining moonlight, the new collection plays with relaxed blue hues and patterns that add a modern twist to what remains the inherently classic style that Jeffrey is celebrated for.

Jeffrey Alan Marks is the founder of leading interior design firm JAM, specialising in residential and commercial interior design and architecture. Known for his informal look, Jeffrey harmonises modern patterns and vibrant oceanic blues with classic design elements to create a truly timeless, tranquil aesthetic. His newest collection Oceanview features linen and grey neutrals, as well as chalk white tones with discerning pops of blue. Incorporated in traditional print fabrics and distinctive woven textures, these creative colour palettes are the perfect counterpart to King Living’s uniquely Australian, coveted furniture.

King Living’s Textile Development Manager Sebastian Nash says that the furniture company’s philosophy is centred on reconciling comfort and functionality with a fresh take on design and style. “King Living are excited to work with Jeffrey Alan Marks as his work naturally aligns with our values on merging engineered quality pieces with a beautiful aesthetic,” said Sebastian. “King Living embraces the Australian lifestyle at every turn, and Jeffrey’s coastal charm unifies with this effortlessly. We are very excited to have Jeffrey Alan Marks join our team of talented collaborators for this project.”

The fabric collection includes Birdview, an immersive fabric which offers a soft design gravitating to nature, breaking down the boundaries between interior and exterior. This signature fabric is accompanied by Oceanway in Ocean and Slate which hones in on sea shells in natural colours, offering a unique warmth. Vincente similarly offers a distinctive feeling of home that can be used to give off a coastal charm.

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