The team at Skinny Green Co heard the collective prayers for an artificial ingredient free, mood boosting tonic, because they have just released its Matcha Elixir, a cold tea brew that is specifically designed to aid sustainable weight loss, increased energy, and body detoxification.

Based in Byron Bay, Skinny Green Co is the brainchild of Benny Owen, Le Sun, and Leilani Gaze. All three founders have an extensive history in the fitness industry, which they noticed was overrun by “health” drinks full of artificial colours and sweeteners. Leilani explained, “We felt there was a real gap in the marketplace for a super clean and healthy energy/weight loss drink.”

Matcha is notoriously bitter, though Leilani insisted that the Skinny Green Co were excited to “do something creative and a bit different with matcha.” She continued, “We think our key point of difference is how we have used organic matcha in an exciting and new way. It’s hard to get the right balance between super healthy and something that is also really yummy. However, we have a great team behind us and through trial and error, we created something that’s well balanced in flavour but also true to the health benefits our product promotes.”

The Matcha Elixir is available in Kiwi and Wild Berry flavours. Leilani, who was brought up in an alternative lifestyle and made conscious of the importance of natural foods, admitted that she especially loves “making our kiwi fruit signature smoothie. It’s a great dairy-free alternative and really refreshing.” Benny, meanwhile, committed himself to healthy living after spending his young adulthood touring in bands and letting his wellbeing fall by the way side. He favours the Wild Berry flavour, and said ” I love adding it to my protein ball mix, and I use it as a pick me up in the afternoons because I can’t drink coffee after midday and don’t drink canned energy drinks.”

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