Fusing timeless materials, bold design elements and futuristic inspiration, The Jetsons is a home where liveability and architectural excellence collide.

Conceived by owner/builder Greg Costello and brought to life by Dimension 3 Architects, The Jetsons’ striking design was informed by Googie Architecture, the exaggerated and once futuristic style where buildings are defined by geometric shapes and the bold use of glass, concrete and steel. 1960s animated series The Jetsons provided further design cues, with the block of land itself completing the suite of inspiration. “I believe every block of land has a certain house that should be built on it. The land speaks to me, and I visualise and create the design concept from there,” Costello said.

Strategically oriented, the home makes the most of all 58 metres of north frontage yet retains residents’ privacy. Liveability and flow are enhanced making the outside spaces as enjoyable as those inside. “The aspect creates the ability to open doors every day and night, so you can have that indoor/outdoor lifestyle which our fantastic climate allows for,” Costello said.

Interiors evoke minimalism through colour, texture and selected materials. Raw concrete floors, soaring white walls, dark cabinetry and vast glass expanses are juxtaposed with sheer black curtains. Again, Googie Architecture influences are evident with geometric shapes and the use of raw materials like stone and stainless steel. Several rooms in the home showcase feature walls of repeating geometric patterns, uniting each space in a signature style. Natural light and sea breezes influence the integrated living, dining and cooking area with an expansive 28 metres of glass doors. These glide back inviting the natural world in, and those inside to step out onto the deck.

Large custom curved windows provide an additional point of interest to the dual storey façade, which appears to defy gravity. Skewing 45 degrees, the top level produces a dramatic overhang. From above, it appears like a puzzle, the upper piece waiting to be turned back into place. “The round windows at the end of the house and the counterlever give it its personality. They make this home what it is,” Costello said. With more than 80 tonnes balanced at one end of the home the weight created challenges. “The counterlever was heavier than a double semi-trailer,” he said. “That’s a lot of weight and the house wanted to tip over.” Thicker concrete and more steel to support the structure provided the remedy.

Championing the ultimate work-life balance, the space to play in this property has been well considered. There is a soccer pitch, inground trampoline and 25 metre lap pool with adjustable Olympic grade starting block. Additional amenity is provided with the home gym, rumpus room and outdoor shower.

Showcasing design excellence and innovative engineering The Jetsons is a futuristic residence, perfectly designed for celebrating the everyday lifestyle of its beachside location. For Greg Costello, it is the ultimate residence. “This is the most liveable house I have ever called home, with a great flow. If I could build it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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