Paul McGivern and partner Bailee Dewes have announced the sale of their popular East Brisbane venue The Wolfe to acclaimed local chef Josue Lopez.

Though christened The Wolfe by McGivern, the name also has significance to Lopez, as ‘Lopez’ is derived from the Latin word ‘lupus’, meaning wolf. McGivern and Dewes will continue to operate their South Brisbane restaurant La Lune Wine Co, and McGivern says “after 30 years in the kitchen, it’s the right time for me to step back and focus on a new project, in a new role It’s a relief to see The Wolfe go to such a familiar face in the Brisbane restaurant industry”.

Conversely, Lopez is open with expressing his excitement at taking on the inner city venue. “I have respected Paul as a chef from his days at Rapide and known him for a number of years, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to continue to build on this great suburban restaurant, which is much loved.”

With acknowledgements including CITI Chef of the Year, and experience at some of the world’s best restaurants including noma, it is a given that Lopez will shake things up a little, though he is keen to maintain the bones of The Wolfe. Diners can expect Lopez to introduce subtle changes to the menu, while maintaining The Wolfe’s strong focus on outstanding produce. Lopez is “passionate about showcasing what is grown and farmed in our local region, including native ingredients,” meaning diners can dine assured the standard of ingredients introduced by McGivern will remain.

Wines will have a strong focus on Champagne and Burgundy, as well as offering the best of Australia and New Zealand, with a special nod to Queensland producers. Regulars can breathe a sigh of relief; BYO nights will continue on Tuesdays, with the addition of a “development menu” to match with BYO red or white wines. While The Wolfe was a huge success for McGivern, he is pragmatic about the sale. “It’s always hard to say goodbye to a venue, but I’m truly looking forward to seeing what Josh puts up.”

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