Maison De Sabré, a luxury personalised leather accessory brand, was founded in 2017 by two brothers Dr Zane and Dr Omar Sabre.

Both immersed in the field of dentistry respectively studying and working full time, they received the news that their father had been diagnosed with a serious illness. During this difficult time, the brothers were forced to support their family both financially and emotionally. This allowed them to reflect and realise the importance of their purpose – Maison De Sabré being the perfect silver lining.

During the brand’s launch, Omar maintained his full-time clinical work, while Zane completed his intensive degree in Dentistry. Without having the financial luxury of leaving their full-time commitments, the brothers managed through dedication and hard work to bring Maison De Sabré to life. They set about creating their brand with a distince intention; not just a ‘product’, an experience.

Founded on a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, the premium leather designs of Maison De Sabré incorporates understated elegance with modern day function. Each Maison De Sabré piece is monogrammed and personalised, weaving the idea of self expression and owning your identity into an everyday form. The use of their family name is an immediate reflection of its value, representing the two founders and self identity.

Maison De Sabré now boasts a worldwide social community of more than 200,000 and within 18 months, has generated millions in revenue with the company clocking in close to $10 million in 2019. The brothers were able to support their fathers health journey and continue to do so.

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