Party season is approaching, and with a full calendar of events comes the need to achieve a sophisticated style for all occasions.

The understated hat for a man is a suave fedora in plain black, or for a woman, a stylish, 1920s beret. Either way, the understated hat helps provide a put-together look. A real waistcoat worn under a suit or out in the open over top a regular shirt transitions a daytime look to the evening. Waistcoats allow the body to look fit and lean, but they should also match the pants as if they are part of the same three-piece suit. This creates a classic, powerful look that very few men wear these days.

The primo men’s case, whether traveling or at a business meeting, is a bold accessory. The style of briefcase depicts the type of person holding it, try a case tough enough to endure heavy global travel. Furthermore, a silk suit or tie is the gift of luxury. When wearing something made out of pure silk, it is equivalent to wearing a masterpiece.  Silk can be worn as a scarf for a woman or in place of a tie for the men. Additionally, use silk scarves to tie clothing in with skin colouring and tone.

The high-end version of the workman’s boot is bold and aggressive, and gives a solid foundation on which to stand, making it the ideal choice for days spent on foot. A luxury card case or money clip can say just as much about a man as his wallet or his favourite drink. When the luxury card case is pulled out, it should say something about the person, too. The style, preferences, and method of communication of a person can all be seen in what type of card case is chosen.

The power watch, a high-quality watch is the mark of a powerful man or woman. Wear a particularly bold and beautiful watch to feel like a master. A subtle, woodsy cologne, the final distinction for a powerful man is a subtle, understated, woodsy cologne. The woodsy scent carries the feeling of a luxury mountain man and is the most masculine of all scents.

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