International Malaysian restaurant PappaRich at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre is spicing up the most important meal of the day with the launch of its new breakfast menu. The award winning franchise opened in October last year, and will now serve traditional and authentic Malaysian breakfast as part of its standard menu.

Gold Coast franchisee Nick Ong said Gold Coasters will enjoy the unusual and diverse breakfast options available on the PappaRich menu. “Our new breakfast menu will reflect an authentic Malaysian breakfast and we encourage all Gold Coasters to visit us and give it a try,” said Mr Ong.

“It will be something different and unique for breakfast, and most likely something local foodies have never had before.”

PappaRich will be serving up Roti John, translating to John’s Bread, which came about after a Malay hawker was tasked to produce the Malaysian equivalent of the Australian hamburger.

The Roti John is gently toasted then has PappaRich’s homemade aioli smothered all over and layered with lettuce, tomato, minced chicken and scrambled eggs. It’s served with crunchy chips on the side.

PappaRich’s signature roti is a prominent feature throughout the new menu. The outside is flaky and slightly crunchy and warm and soft inside, perfect to soak up sauces.

Another menu highlight is the Roti Canai – roti served with dhal and curry sauce and is also available with egg and onion.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Roti Banana features sliced banana inside the dough which is then cooked and drizzled with maple syrup.

Hainan bread also makes its menu debut, with the fluffy, white bread being a popular breakfast choice by the people of Malaysia.

All PappaRich breakfast items can be served with either boiled, fried or scrambled egg for an extra protein hit and a hot drink.

The PappaRich breakfast menu is served from 7.30am to 11am daily and is best paired with a cup of PappaRich’s Pappa White Coffee.

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