This year’s Brisbane Produce Market Annual Charity Mango Auction raised a huge sum with the season’s first tray of mangoes selling under the hammer for $13,000 on Thursday 4 October.

Domenico Casagrande of Megafresh in Carina and Chandler took home the coveted first tray and the title of 2018 Mango King thanks to a generous $13,000 winning bid. The first tray of mangoes from Skliros Produce in the Northern Territory hit the auction stand in the early morning in the heart of the Brisbane Produce Market trading hub at Rocklea. Throngs of bidders attended the event in hopes to dig deep and raise their paddles for this season’s symbolic first tray of mangoes, raising funds for Diabetes Queensland and the MND & Me Foundation.

Newly crowned Mango King Domenico Casagrande said mangoes are a summer favourite of Megafresh, and the Annual Charity Mango Auction is the perfect way to give back to the community. “This is the first year I’ve attended and placed a bid at the mango auction, but really wanted to go in with a plan and give it a good crack,” said Domenico. “After the amount of support we have seen from the community over the years at Megafresh, we really wanted to give back to the community at today’s auction.  After all, the community are our customers.”

Since 2002 the Brisbane Produce Market Annual Charity Mango Auction has donated just shy of $1 million to charity thanks to the generous support of bidders and attendees each year.

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