Motorline MINI Garage launched its new MINI JWC Experience showroom on Thursday 22 February. The MINI specialist garage located in the Logan region is now home to the very first Australian JCW dedicated showroom, the third in the world. The showroom best represents the essence of the brand, initiating visitors to an immersive MINI experience in order to understand and appreciate the beauty of these small sport vehicles.

MINI has seen an evolution of sorts since its debut in the 60s, however the car’s signature size and form have remained key to the brand’s recognition, becoming a legend of the automobile industry over time. Guests who attended the opening of the new Daisy Hill showroom were treated to catering from Eleven Rooftop Bar and Dello Mano chocolate bar along with a musical appearance by Midnight Tango & Flynny.

Graphic Designer Gavin Blake also stole the show with a performance of live scribing which consists in the visual communication of the spoken word. By this, he illustrates a conversation on a canvas to produce an artifact summarizing ideas around a chosen topic. The MINI JCW Experience is now open to the public allowing a more personal insight into the world of MINI, its design, history and overall identity.

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