From the verdant hills of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, locally made, certified organic skincare range Mukti Organics is making waves around the world. Using Australian botanicals and naturally derived ingredients, Mukti Organics is proving that you do not need a long list of synthetic chemical compounds to achieve youthful, glowing skin. Named after the founder, known simply as Mukti herself, the skincare range has its earthy roots in a permaculture village outside Maleny. The brand now has devotees around the world, with Korea and Japan “going gangbusters” according to the company manager.

Mukti’s intuition for creating skincare is in her genes. Her mother was a model “who always took good care of her skin with natural products and was conscious of good, wholesome foods” and her Swedish grandfather was a chemist. It is at the unlikely intersection of these two worlds where the Mukti Organics brand finds its niche and success.

Before her journey into skincare, Mukti started out studying law. However, she soon decided to follow her interests and turned her studies to alternative medicine. The subjects of aromatherapy, medicinal herbs and plants held her fascination above others. While pregnant with her first daughter, Mukti opted out of city life and moved to Crystal Waters Permaculture Village. Here she was able to immerse herself in nature; she “grew veges, planted trees, studied and ran the village co-op”. This is the environment in which Mukti Organics was conceived, more than 18 years ago.

Balancing nature and apothecary is Mukti’s modus operandi. Her commitment to natural skincare goes a step further than using botanical ingredients. Employing a philosophy of green chemistry throughout the production process, the brand is concerned with issues of the environment, ecosystems and biodegradability. Likewise, her skincare range is strengthened by a belief in complementary medicine — a holistic, long-term approach to health that works with the whole body.

However, it is the use of Australian botanicals that really makes Mukti Organics interesting. What makes our native ingredients so effective in skincare? “Australian native species have evolved to live and withstand harsh and arid environments with constant exposure to sunlight,” explains Mukti. “They have incredibly potent levels of antioxidants and nutrients that work wonderfully and are compatible with our skin cells.” The products are littered with botanicals from Kakadu plum, Davidson plum, muntries, mountain pepper berry, quandong and many more. Her supplier works with indigenous communities to gain access to these unique ingredients.

Mukti is not only passionate about creating safe skincare products; she is also educating others about the dangers of sticking with a non-organic, chemical based skincare routine. Her recently released book, Truth in Beauty, is an exploration of the ugly world of “beautiful” skin. Part exposé, part healthy living guide, it is designed to help its readers move away from the ubiquitous chemicals found in everyday life and achieve a healthy glow naturally.

Although she is now based in Melbourne, Mukti has kept all operations for the brand in Maleny. The products are made under the same roof as the shopfront and treatment rooms.

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