Omar Apollo has released his new video for his single Kickback, a highlight of his acclaimed EP, Friends, which is available for purchase and streaming now. The video follows the news of Apollo making his Australian debut at Laneway Festival 2020, alongside the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Charli XCX, The 1975, Tones and I, and more.

Filmed spontaneously aboard a boat rented over Instagram, the Kickback video captures the irrepressible talent of Apollo, following his journey as a charismatic and wildly eclectic songwriter, producer and performer, who has won global plaudits for his unique take on modern pop.  Having already surpassed 100 million streams, it’s a journey that has seen Omar’s work travel far beyond its humble DIY origins, and he continues to push forward whilst working on new material, of which more news will be coming soon.

Across just two EPs , 2018’s Stereo, and this summer’s Friends including tracks Ashamed and Trouble, Apollo has forged a singular path. Multi-lingual, multicultural and multi-talented, Apollo is a first-generation, Mexican-American whose diverse approach to making music might in part be traced back to his origins. His father crossed border from Mexico to America in the late 70s before eventually meeting up with Omar’s mother again – for years, they stayed in touch over letters – opening a small restaurant, and starting a family in the predominately-white town of Indiana.

With inspiration ranging from Sly & The Family Stone to The Internet and Latin American pop, Apollo’s music draws inspiration from and uses elements of jazz, R&B, funk, soul and folk into something altogether new. Alongside his Gen-Z peers, Omar Apollo is quickly changing the sound and face of pop as we know it. The Kickback video is available to stream here.


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