Australian owned independent beer brand Endeavour Beer is leading the way for its award-winning brews.

Believing that beer should be as flavoursome as possible, Endeavour has spent the past eight years mastering its tasty brews. Founder Ben Kooyman, alongside Head Brewer John Bogan (aka JB), travel across Australia each year to meet the best barley and hop growers. This past harvest Ben and JB made the decision to source their barley from Ashby Farm, outside Ross in central Tasmania, and hops from Bushy Park, North West of Hobart and Rostrevor, Northern Victoria. JB remarks, “Once we locate the best ingredients, we then perfect our recipe and create the most flavoursome, well-balanced range of Endeavour beers that maximise the best of that year’s harvest.”

Once the ingredients are sourced, using only the ingredients from that year’s harvest, the process of evolving the recipe and creating the brew is cared for in the same manner. “Our ethos of ‘Paddock to Pint’ brings us closer to what each seasons harvest delivers. Our direct relationship with the farmers, allows us to source not only the best ingredients but also the freshest and most innovative ingredients.” Endeavour also believe that its brew should be as flavoursome as wine, continuing to evolve the brew that beer heads can savour.

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