Boutique cinema Palace Centro has re-named to Palace James Street, offering three Palace Platinum screens within the complex from 16 November.

The movie mecca has entertained Brisbane with quality, premium films, for a number of years, now taking service to a new level with its decadent Palace Platinum experience. The new and improved experience will include “dinner at the movies”, as the complex plans to bring the finest flavours of James Street into the cinema experience. The upscale quality gourmet food from James Street restaurants will be delivered butler style to patrons mesmerized in the movie, plus premium beverages, craft beers and classic cocktails to create a one of a kind movie experience.

An additional Platinum standout is the personalised call-button wait service for ordering additional items.  Guests are able to write down their orders so there are no distractions for other patrons during the movie, from the comfort of reclining leather chairs complete with foot rests and in-seat handbag compartments guest will be able to experience ultimate comfort.

Films screening from 16 November  in the plushness of Platinum include Bohemian Rhapsody, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald (15 November) and Widows (22 November).

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