Persone is the fourth restaurant from the award-winning Gambaro Group and one that sees them embracing their rich Italian heritage and passion for quality cuisine, opening on Level 2 of Brisbane Quarter on Tuesday 5 September.

The Gambaro Family are no strangers to award winning food and Persone is set to follow the trend with a large selection of classic Italian dishes as well as some much loved secret family recipes, promising a family friendly, elegant Italian dining experience. Patriarch of the family Michael Gambaro was insistent about personally testing every dish to ensure it was true to its Italian roots. “This is about sharing our passion for quality Italian food and it’s a matter of family pride to ensure it’s authentic,” said Michael.

Persone combines stunning views of Southbank and the Brisbane River, with plush, modern Italian decor. Floor to ceiling glass encloses the main dining area, caressing the space with natural light. Plus Architecture’s creative concept and design philosophy for Persone centres around expressing the unique feeling people experience when walking the streets of Italy, namely the laneways. The colour and design palette reinforces the concept of a modern interpretation of the historic Italian street. Textured stucco walls and signage pay homage to the historic Italian facades which are lit with bespoke globe lights inspired by streetlamps.

Persone will focus on cooking regional dishes that have become famous throughout the world, while also putting a special touch to them to modernise and excite our customers.

Persone plan to deliver bold flavours, simplicity in cooking and stay true to Italian classic flavours. The presentation of food will encompass modern techniques and create exciting dishes that will complement the design and direction of the Italian restaurant.

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