San Churro will be one of the first retailers nationwide to release its range of Ruby Chocolate, with its natural colour and flavour setting it apart from the conventional milk, dark and white chocolate flavours. Ruby Chocolate is freshly made from pink cocoa beans which allow it to emit a vibrant ruby colour while boasting a berry fruitiness taste.

To celebrate the launch of the ruby chocolate, San Churro will be providing a audio-sensory experience for customers to savour the different flavours of chocolates, and experience Ruby Chocolate for the first time. This experience will take chocolate lovers through a journey of the variations of chocolates, with Ruby Chocolate as the highlight. The colour is the most appealing and the natural berry flavour of the chocolate compliments well with a variety of flavour profiles such as strawberry, champagne and even passionfruit. And as astonishing as it seems, there is no added berry flavours or ingredients, letting the true cocoa profile shine through.

The aftertaste of Ruby Chocolate is slightly bitter as the chocolate profile is 47 per cent cocoa. San Churro will be serving its signature Churros coated in Ruby Chocolate served alongside raspberry ice cream nationwide.

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