We spoke to Adam Flaskas, Director of Howard Smith Wharves, about all things brewing and developing this autumn.

Favourite international holiday destination, and why? 

Without a doubt the Greek Islands. I naturally feel an intuitive calling to Greece since that’s my heritage but that aside, it suits me down to a tee. The amazing fresh food and Greek cuisine is healthy and delicious, the laid back cruisy lifestyle (apart from the odd stint at Scorpios) is how I like to roll, and the music is always really cool. And, of course, the ocean … I’m at home by the water.

Ultimate Australian escape, and why?

Australia has so many great escapes that it’s hard to name one but I’m a big fan of Haggerstone Island off the tip of Cape York Peninsula. We spearfish, dive, snorkel and fly over waterfalls. We cook the seafood we’ve caught on the boat for lunch and then sit around the fire at night for dinner. There is some hairy wildlife, but I love the wildness and remoteness of it all. It is a rustic castaway paradise.

Which do you prefer – country or city living, and why? 

Brisbane is the ultimate city, we have everything at our fingertips here. There are amazing developments happening and its expanding as a multi-cultural melting pot which is reflected in the gastronomic scene. Brisbane is becoming a great hub for working, living and playing especially because it’s within a few hours of beautiful destinations like Moreton Island, Noosa, Burleigh and Byron Bay.

Howard Smith Wharves has been in development since 2015 – how does it feel now that the project has been completed? 

It feels amazing. However, we’re not done yet as there is still more to come. It has been an amazing journey for myself and my partners. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved for Brisbane, and we’re elated at how well the project is being received by our city. Stay tuned though … more coming soon.

A weekend in autumn is best spent … 

Boating at Moreton Island or surfing in Byron Bay. If I’m not doing that, I’m down at Felons Brewery enjoying the barbecue chicken and salad with an icy cold Felons Crisp Lager.

What has been your proudest moment to date? 

Establishing our beer brand Felons Brewing Co from conception to delivery, and I feel extremely proud of what has been created. I love the story of the Four Felons who went on to be the first settlers to discover the Brisbane River, which gave us the name for the brand. I love the unique site on which we’ve built the brewery, the team of brewers we have is the best in the country and, of course, the beer, my favourite being the Natural Ale.

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