We spoke to Brian Steendyk, Principal at Steendyk Architects, about all things architecture.

Favourite international holiday destination, and why?

It might be my European blood but for me Amsterdam has a wonderful atmosphere and is a firm favourite. It’s a cocktail of sophisticated fun mixed with dry good humour.

Ultimate Australian escape, and why?

Tasmania is a little gem. As soon as you jump out of the plane you can smell the freshness in the air. The coastline is amazing, but so is the urban culture. For me one of the highlights was going back to my digs, tucking into bed and rolling back the roof (literally) to be transfixed by the sparkling stars above.

Which do you prefer – country or city living, and why?

I’m a city boy for sure … I blame my coffee addiction on my time living in Milan; but that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the country. In fact, the trip out to Bellbird Retreat takes my breath away with the sheer scale and beauty of the rolling landscape.

Favourite room in your home, and why?

Our back courtyard I think is the most tranquil of retreats for us as it perfectly matches our climate. It’s the space I find I can go out and wash away the day’s tension by breathing in the air, sitting on our Palm Springs chairs from Embassy Living and drink an afternoon beverage.

What was it like winning an Architecture Masterprize?

Winning the Architectural Masterprize for Residential Architecture was a very proud moment for many reasons.

A weekend in autumn is best spent …

In our fantastic part of the world it is best spent seeing some of the country by going for a trek with views of the ocean, as you get along Noosa National Park. The water temperature is perfect, the blue sky days are long, and the heat is starting to fall away … magic.