We spoke to Gillian Hirst, Executive Chef at Aveo Newstead, about all things food.

Favourite international holiday destination, and why?

I love Japan but will have to say Madrid. My husband and I had the most amazing meal on a hot August night on a roof top surrounded by ancient gargoyles. Carpaccio of porcini with egg noodles and truffle. Exquisite.

Ultimate Australian escape, and why?

I would love to see Uluru. I have been meaning to get there for years and just have not got around to it. It looks like a magical part of Australia.

Which do you prefer — country or city living, and why?

At the moment I prefer the city however I can see myself gravitating to the country as the years pass.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be, and what would you serve?

Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, Billie Holiday and David Bowie. All incredible people with strong individual style. I would select my most popular dishes I’ve cooked over the years and present a long slow delicious feast.

A weekend in autumn is best spent …

With my family.

What has been your proudest moment to date?  

Watching my three beautiful children grow into incredible people.

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