We spoke to Ben May, Owner of Burleigh Pavillion, about all things cooking this winter.

Favourite international holiday destination and why?

Switzerland. I spent a few years there after school. The best skiing in the world. The people are quirky, and they have incredible food that is influenced by the French, Germans and Italians.

Ultimate Australian escape and why? 

Noosa — my dad lives there, and it has epic surf. I’ve had some great beach holidays there over the years with my boys.

Which do you prefer — country or city living and why?

I’ve never had the opportunity to live in the country so city living, I guess.

Favourite room in home and why?

It’s not a room; it’s the garden. My mum is an incredible gardener and I’ve inherited a love of the garden.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and what would you serve?

Isay Weinfeld. I’d get Guillaume Zika to serve the whole mud crab we are doing at The Tropic currently.

A weekend in winter is best spent …

In Indonesia surfing.

Favourite weekday dinner?

Crumbed cutlets served with mash, peas and my Mum’s mint sauce.