The story of Long Shot follows free-spirited and talented journalist Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogan) as he reconnects with his old babysitter … who now happens to be one of the most powerful and unattainable women in the world. The brilliant and beautiful Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is US Secretary of State and begins her run for President in 2020. In a bid to win popularity with the people, she impulsively hires Fred to punch up her speeches. Charmed by Flarsky’s humour and how he reminds Charlotte of her youthful idealism, Charlotte begins to reciprocate his feelings and their affections blossom for each other as they jet set around the world. Forced to make decisions with her constituency polls in mind, Charlotte begins the inner struggle of choosing between her dream and what could, unexpectedly be her dream guy.

But this is not your typical one-dimensional romantic comedy plot. Charlize Theron’s secretary of State to Seth Rogan’s down-and-out journalist are an impossible coupling the audience can’t help rooting for. Theron and Rogan have an undeniable chemistry and each character left the audience in the cinema laughing at loud. Rogan’s performance is a stand-out of his career as he manages to deliver his lines with wit and nuance taking a stab at the world’s current issues with sexism, the environment and corruption. In an alternate universe, the endearing couple is a savvy vessel for exploring America’s fractured times. The film’s jokes are perhaps so funny to audiences as they speak truths about the absurdity of the US’s presidency. The combination of cliché genre conventions mixed with a satirisation of the current political climate, the film was refreshing and a stand-out comedy of the year. If you are after a feel good flick this Easter break, Long Shot is the movie for you.

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