Not Jimmy Choo’s

“What is this ancient place that you visit – where people are served food by strangers?” quipped my Montreal mate who has (clearly) been in lockdown for way too long.

I had sent a photo of Maggie Choo’s where the joint was jumping. Located in foodie heaven, Broadbeach – look for a cheery cherry blossom ceiling and neon-esque lighting. Choo’s melds Bangkok, Vietnam, Singapore etc food styles– there’s a dish for every Asian palate.

Like many places, it’s all about the share/small plates. So where to start? We went all Australian and kicked off with the Lap Chong Kilpatrick. The old Aussie fave has had a delicious makeover. And yes I had to explain what Kilpatrick was to my Canadian friend.

Then onto Scallop Sashimi. Slivers of fresh scallops covered with coriander and topped with crispy shallots surround a wee puddle of kaffir lime oil.

No self-respecting Asian-food eater can bypass dumplings, surely? We went for the yummy prawn and crab ones. Abalone Sauce with glistening droplets of chilli oil for a hint of heat.

The seemingly alien-looking dish is the Indonesian Fritters – tons of crunchy veggies deep-fried and served with a lip-smacking peanut and lime dipping sauce. Get two plates – it really is undignified to fight over food.

Greedy things we are—fifth dish was the Bug Roll. Tempura bug, soft roll, mayo and sweet ‘n sour sauce. A hit.

We did quibble over the Tom Kha Curry, I mean bugs and prawns with coconut and lime; but we also missed out on the Char Sui Pork Belly, Haloumi Roll, Sweet n Sour Lamb Ribs etc etc. So there are plenty of options for the vegans and meat lovers alike. If you have more friends than I, then go for the Me Hungry Now or the Maggie Tease.

Maggi Choo

Shop 105/89 Surf Parade, Broadbeach

Hours: 12am-12pm except Monday and Tuesday 5pm-12am.