There has been a significant rise in reselling designer items online and in thrift stores. The nineties brought about a rise in thrift stores and with the rise of social media today, resale pages and groups on Facebook and Instagram have grown. Designer clothing has spread throughout all age groups, with parents searching for labels for their young children. According to secondhand website ThredUp, clothing resales (including online and offline secondhand sales) is a $24 billion dollar industry and is expected to grow to $44 billion by 2021. Secondhand sales are growing four times faster than the broader retail market.

Another Woman’s Closet predicted the rise in secondhand clothing and has been hosting secondhand clothing sales, peer to peer, since 2016. Another Woman’s Closet invites Sunshine Coast locals to take stall spaces and sell their undamaged, washed, ironed and hung garments to market goers. High end luxury brands have been found there in the past such as Dior and Diane von Furstenburg being purchased for as little as $10 and a current collection Mischa for $60, while bulk buy items are around the $5 to $15 mark. Instead of contributing to land fill, perfectly good items are handed onto someone in the region who values them. The next Another Woman’s Closet will be held in September at the Sunshine Coast. Event goers will have the opportunity to purchase good quality pre-loved clothing in an eco environment. Stalls have already sold out for the event.

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