The Queensland Screen Industry Events (QSIE) will launch at Events Cinemas in Garden City Westfield Shopping Centre on Tuesday 9 October.

Hosted by Caroline Russo Enterprises, the event will be a platform for independent, aspiring filmmakers to network and connect with industry veterans. The first QSIE will kick off with invited guest producer and filmmaker of more than 20 years Lin Sutherland, who is known for producing environmental documentaries and more than 65 television shows. Sutherland will share her latest feature documentary Beauty and the Reef focusing on current environmental issues. “My eyewitness accounts of the environmental changes affecting the Great Barrier Reef spans over 20 years of diving and filming before the environment became a ‘sexy word’. This film documents my quest while interviewing leading experts to understand why,” Lin said.

Managing Director of Caroline Russo Enterprises Caroline Russo, who is known for network-building within the Queensland film and television industry, will also speak about her plans for future industry events, including creating opportunities for emerging filmmakers, provide personal insight, and share what she does in the industry.

QSIE will run on a regular basis and see more industry veterans share their stories in their line of work while creating opportunities for emerging filmmakers to network. The event is open to filmmakers and the public. Guests are invited to arrive at 6pm, where there will be a complimentary soft drink upon arrival and the event commences at 7pm, until 9pm. A pop up bar with refreshments for purchase will also be available. Tickets sold at the door are limited and guests are encouraged to purchase online. Door prizes will be awarded and VIP guests will be attending the event.

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