Tom Mclean is a Brisbane local with a thirst for business. Tom’s product, SOFI Spritz grew from a humble beginning at the Bondi farmer’s markets in Sydney in 2013, to close to two million cocktails served in 2019 and becoming Australia’s favourite ready to serve cocktail.

SOFI Spritz is an all-Australian wine cocktail inspired by the Italian-style Aperitivo, balanced with sparkling water, citrus, and herbal extracts.  SOFI Spritz is lighter than wine, with a crisp and refreshing bitter-sweet taste.

Taking to Australian television program Shark Tank in 2016, Tom wowed the investors with his product, and all four Sharks made him an offer to invest.  SOFI Spritz has continued to wow, gaining many accomplishments along the way.  In 2017 winning Australian Drinks Award, Best Innovation, running three successful crowdfunding campaigns in 2014, 2015 and 2018, and even having their SOFI White Peach and Ginger Spritz available on Virgin Australia flights.

The 100% Australian owned company is looking to grow again, gaining investors and allowing it to further freshen up the drinks market.  Crowdfunding through Equitise, Australian’s over the age of 18 are now able to invest in the company, gaining an equity stake in the business for as little as $250, and access to unique discounts, merchandise and exclusive access to new releases.

SOFI Spritz uses only natural ingredients.  With no added sugar SOFI hits the sweet spot of the health-conscious and through the help of investors, the company is hoping to appeal to the sweet spot of all consumers, launching new products lines and building their export business further.

SOFI is available in various iconic Australian venues on tap such as The Bucket List Bondi and The Fox Hotel Brisbane, as well as being stocked in stores all across the country.

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