Australian family owned wine label Leconfield is now served in several restaurants across Brisbane. The deal sealed this month between South Australian winemaker Leconfield and Brisbane based beverages distributor Italiquore.

Owned by Dr Richard Hamilton and his wife Jette, Leconfield encompasses two leading wine labels including Leconfield Wines at Coonawarra and Richard Hamilton Wines at McLaren Vale, which served in not only bars, bottle shops, restaurants, but also the luxurious dining carriages of the Ghan and Jetstar business class. “We are delighted to form a distribution partnership with Cavilieri Fil D’Arro and his company Italiquore to see our wonderful array of wines served across Brisbane and the broader Queensland market,” Dr Hamilton said. “While Leconfield has been producing wine for many years, it is only until now that we have really focused on the Queensland market and we are confident Queenslanders and their tourism market will love our wines.”

According to a recent Medibank index, Queenslanders are consuming the highest average number of drinks per week. Consequently, It is attracting the interest of many winemakers keen to be part of the state’s wine and beer consumption growth.

Founder and owner of Italiquore, Cavilieri Fil D’Arro, who has been given the equivalent of a knighthood from the Italian Government for his service to Italian culture and wine abroad has been working in the alcohol sector for more than 30 years. “Brisbane boasts a range of food and wine establishments with many attracting chefs from all over the world and some of our local restaurants are receiving international acclaim,” Mr D’Arro said. “Our desire for top wines is also increasing. This is paving the way for wonderful brands like Leconfield to enter the market and Queenslanders are the winners.”

Mr D’Arro also said he is arranging wine dinners at various Brisbane restaurants to showcase Leconfield’s wines. “This will give diners the opportunity to enjoy their favourite restaurant and experience the great range of Leconfield wines on offer.”

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