Stavros the Greek has fired up with a bang bang, offering simple, modern and fresh Mediterranean cuisine in Brisbane’s west, together with adjacent fully-fledged bar Sunset.

Renata Roberts is the savvy gastro empress behind the venture, continuing to monopolise the corner of Kenmore’s Marshall Lane and Wongabel Street, alongside her neighbouring venues, Asian fusion eatery Sichuan Bang Bang and gourmet Pizzeria Violetta.

Stemming from a youthful crush on a Greek boy named Stavros, the high ceilings, polished concrete walls and steely blue accents of the Hellenic eatery are contrasted by Sunset’s true-to-name warm, golden tones. The menu is a mix of Australian produce and traditional Greek cuisine, with favourites souvlaki, yiros, baclava, and calamari gracing the grazing creed.


Starring at the menu for some time, we allowed our waitress to guide us through the seemingly endless list of Greek delights, from souvlaki to yiros, all showered in paprika, rosemary or oregano. Finally ordering an array of dishes, our blue table soon filled with overflowing plates of tasty morsels.

Chef Josh Inglis makes the pita bread in house, creating soft pillows of doughy charred fare to mop up the array of house dips offered. The taramasalata was our meze of choice, perfectly salted and delightfully pink. Other starters smattered the table, like the spanakopita mirrored spinach and feta clouds shrouded in puff pastry, lamented on a bed of tzatziki, and the hot juicy lamb soutzoukakia served hot off the grill afloat in a tomato capsicum sauce with cheesy kefalograviera.  Seared Barossa Valley haloumi was simple perfection served with lemon, salt and nothing else, and a healthy dose of lemon crispy potatoes, because every meal should include vegetables.


We were insistent on ordering the charcoal grilled octopus, and what arrived was indescribable. Marinated in olive oil, oregano, lemon and dotted with chili evoo, this melt-in-the-mouth, blackened, blistered and charred dish was easily the favourite of the night.

Conquering dessert after such a culinary feat was easy when the signature almond baklava landed in front of us. An elaborate display of yogurt ice cream, candied carrot puree, and a surprise topper of candied floss, the sweet and crunchy iconic Greek dish was well balanced by the silky vegetable puree.

Set to become a neighbourhood favourite, Renata has yet again created a successful restaurant that locals cannot wait to sink their teeth into.

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