Eager, bustling crowds were in for a treat at the annual Food Trail spanning across Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park on Saturday 14 July.

From golden pan-fried dumplings to mini bowls of steaming laksa, restaurants and vendors were in overdrive as excited patrons queued to taste some of Brisbane’s most delicious and authentic Asian fare. The air was filled with electric anticipation as foodies from far and wide embarked on a self-guided gourmet adventure – trail map in one hand and spare change in the other.

We started off with fried wonton dumplings from Lili’s Cuisine, which tantalised our tastebuds and left us begging for more. The wrapping was deliciously light and crispy whilst the pork filling was flavourful and aromatic. Chinese barbecue pork fried rice from Zen Flavours was up next. The barbecue pork, also known as char siu, was delightfully tender, charred to perfection, and wonderfully sweet and sticky. We washed this down with Thai milk tea from Chatime, before lining up for Taiwanese popcorn chicken from Golden Lane. Fresh out of the fryer and garnished with chilli powder, this popular street snack was certainly worth the wait. For dessert, we devoured delicious green swirls of matcha ice-cream to satisfy our sweet cravings.

We then sipped on Vietnamese iced coffee as we followed the sound of beating drums and echoing brass cymbals to Sunny Park, where we were captivated by an enthralling traditional lion dance performance. The vibrant, fuchsia pink lions put on an impressive display – momentarily distracting audiences from their food.

Sunnybank, the cultural hub for Asian cuisine, put on a fantastic Food Trail, the lively ambience, entertainment, and spectacular food delighting senses and tastebuds yet again.

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