The inaugural Sunshine & Sunflower Day is happening at Kalbar on March 27, 2021, with activities including Sunrise Yoga in the Sunflowers, Sunflower Strolls, Scenic Rim Helicopter Joy Flights, Lunch among the Sunflowers, and Sunset Dinner in the Sunflowers with Chef Richard Ousby.

When life deals you drought, grow Sunflowers and they will come. This is what a lucerne farming family in Kalbar about an hour from Brisbane in the Scenic Rim have done, and the result is a one-day celebration of sunflowers, sunshine and happiness for everyone on March 27. The inaugural Sunshine & Sunflower Day will feature sunrise yoga in the sunflowers, wanders through the sunflower fields, children’s sunflower art classes, sunflower cooking classes and in the evening, a Sunset Dinner in the sunflowers curated by Scenic Rim Ambassador Chef, the famed culinary master, Richard Ousby himself!

Sunshine & Sunflower Day 2021 was born of drought.  Russell and Jenny Jenner who farm lucerne just out of Kalbar had been struggling due to the ongoing Queensland drought (yes, even though it’s raining now, the drought continues!). Dam levels were dropping and water drying up. So, instead of planting hay this season, they looked to another crop, one that doesn’t require as much water – sunflowers! They immediately registered as flower growers, redesigned their paddocks and planted 200,000 sunflowers. Not only are the sunflowers now productive, they are the most perfect canvas for the first ever Sunshine & Sunflower Day!

“The good news is that from this drought-induced pivot to sunflowers, has come a celebration that has happiness at its heart – because sunflowers really are Mother Nature’s symbol for happiness!” said Jenny. “We have a full day planned, from sunrise to sundown and beyond, with key events segmented by time and all tickets, so it’s COVID-safe, and it allows for early birds, families, foodies and couples to choose their sunflower adventure, and come to Kalbar and enjoy! While we haven’t been able to make hay while the sun shines, we have been able to grow sunflowers – it’s going to be the most glorious and photographed day for this amazing little town and we can’t wait to welcome everyone!”

The event has a wonderful community event and includes local businesses, Kalbar State School, The Lions Kalbar and Kalbar Progress Association. The Jenner Family, along with local events manager Emily Lochran, feel this will be a big hit for people far and wide. They cannot wait to open their farm gates.

Tickets go on sale TODAY. Some are limited so best get in quick to not miss out.

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