Swarovski continues to celebrate feminine strength in all its brilliance this season with the latest additions to its much-coveted Swarovski Sparkling Dance Collection, empowering women to express themselves.

Each season Swarovski brings to life this exceptional and iconic design in new and exciting ways. For Fashion Week 2019, the theme is the ‘Magic of Light,’ and just like the main Collection, the pre-fall Sparkling Dance Collection takes its inspiration from the pure landscapes of Iceland and the starry Arctic sky, illuminated by the Northern Lights. For pre-fall 2019, the ‘dancing’ design concept makes its debut on earrings and bracelets that lend sparkle, brilliance and eye-catching movement to everyday looks. Swarovski stones in new icy green and mint tones echo the pure beauty of the Icelandic landscape and gracefully shimmer and dance within a scintillating crystal pavé setting.

Accompanying the new injection of color, pre-fall sees the introduction of crystal cuts, silhouettes, and styles. Simple yet alluring, the marquise cut resembles the delight of a smile, brilliantly capturing timeless elegance and is the latest shape to join the Swarovski Sparkling Dance family. The Swarovski Sparkling Dance Collection adds a level of dynamic sophistication to any wardrobe and features designs that exude movement and shine. The beautiful flow of details, contemporary silhouettes, and chic color combinations create a beautiful expression and underline the Collection’s iconic status.

Swarovski’s Creative Director, Nathalie Colin, explains the alluring appeal of the design. “The magic of Swarovski lies in the fascinating play of reflections between crystal and light. Emotion in motion is how I would describe Swarovski Sparkling Dance and the Collection is a brilliant reminder for women to be free-spirited. Every move sparks joy, beauty, and playfulness, bringing a dynamic touch of sparkle to every look, style, and occasion. Ultimately, it helps women to express what they are feeling, without having to say a word.” This refined, playful Collection is the perfect partner for all women, suiting so many different styles and looks. The brand showcases its innovative craftsmanship to dazzling effect with sparkling elements that catch the light and appear to dance with every movement.

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