Established in 2017 and with more than 40 class styles, Total Fusion has opened its doors to its first platinum studio and third Brisbane location, in the heart of Newstead’s Long Island precinct. Its innovative training approach fuses strength, cardio, and yoga-based practices to provide a holistic offering; one which nurtures the body and mind.

Total Fusion Founder Leon McNeice launched the fitness spaces in Brisbane to pioneer his own barefoot-movement ethos. “We thrive on the experiences we craft in each minute of every class for each and every person we welcome into our studios. We want people to know the limitless, positive potential of their bodies and minds and help members create movement as a way of life,” Leon said. “We focus on an innovative fitness offering, with more than 40 different class types across yoga, functional fitness, pilates, cycle and our new Fusion Run Club in temperature controlled rooms.”

Passionate and confident about the new studio, Leon explains, “Newstead is ready for a larger boutique facility to accommodate its ever-increasing, dynamic population that is aligned with their health and wellness needs. It was a match made in heaven partnering with Cavcorp in the development of this luxurious, state-of-the-art environment, offering members an experience like no other.”

In addition to offering signature fusion classes, Total Fusion Platinum Newstead members will enjoy a suite of unique services exclusive to the premium location. Some of these features include sophisticated air purification technology including a salt wall to help improve mood, relieve stress, and promote better lung function. Members will also be spoiled with access to a Refuel bar and virtual reality classes on demand.

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