Choosing from more than 190 countries worldwide to travel to can be a difficult task, which is why Canada makes for an excellent and carefree holiday destination. From exciting activities to scenic landscapes, here are six reasons why Canada should be next on anyone’s travel itinerary.

Known for its outdoor activities, thrill seekers will be spoilt for choice in Canada. Hit the slopes with skis or tackle the whitewater rapids while kayaking, there is so much to do in the Great White North. Plus, the country is bursting with culture, from Vancouver to Montreal, each Canadian city is diverse and has something unique to offer. Vibrant communities all have a different story to tell which they often showcase through modern art shows.

No matter what time of year, travelers will be blown away by the natural wonders in this country. Most people associate Canada with winter, but Ben Groundwater from 1Cover recommends visiting in summer, “Summer in Canada is when the sun shines and the days are long”. National parks are lush and green in summer, while winter brings with it a thick blanket of snow; travelers can even catch the Aurora Borealis in Yukon.

Canadians know how to celebrate, with a calendar of festivals spread throughout the year to take part in. Its celebration of light festival is a firework extravaganza, while the Canadian tulip festival is a more tranquil event that celebrates the beauty of the country. Canadian cuisine is delicious and diverse. A delight for people with a sweet tooth, tarts and maple syrup are a must-try.

Canada is also a delight for animal lovers. Home to the grizzly bear, many Canadian tours will let travelers get up close (but not too close) and personal with the furry creatures. Tourists can also go whale watching and witness the majestic creatures in their home habitat.