Luxury car dealer Martin Roller opens the doors to LMM Holdings’ latest acquisition Volvo Cars Brisbane North, where all focus will be on safety, style and service.

For new dealership ambassador Rachel Thaiday, the brand partnership is a perfect fit. “Volvo is a brand that I am already well acquainted with,” said Rachel. “When the opportunity of ambassador of Volvo Cars Brisbane North arose, I felt the collaboration aligned with my values and expectations of a luxury product. With the award-winning brand leading its category in terms of safety, this was paramount and a vital decision point as travelling with two young children is a large part of our day to day operation.”

Picking up the keys and taking to the driver’s seat of an all new XC60 this week, Rachel claimed “the XC60 is the perfect fit for city living with a small family. From the elegance in design to the efficiency in both short and long distance travel, the resurgence of the franchise here in Brisbane has been very welcoming. I look forward to working with the team at Volvo Cars Brisbane North.”

One of Brisbane’s leading automotive groups, LMM Holdings, whose stable of European brands includes Ferrari, BMW, MINI, Alfa Romeo and Fiat, acquired dealership rights to the Volvo brand in Brisbane after an extensive decision process. “We’re so proud to be able to add the famous Volvo brand to our stable,” says Group Managing Director Martin Roller. “It is a real feather in our cap to be awarded this famous brand.”

As one of only two Volvo dealers in the Greater Brisbane area, Volvo Cars Brisbane North will be responsible for all of Brisbane central, as well as the northern and western suburbs. “What Volvo customers will experience is a superior level of service surrounding all dealings with us,” says Martin.

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