Wear Your Uggs Day is being held for the first time on June 1, presented by Ugg Express in support of mental health organisation, the Black Dog Institute.

The inaugural day will encourage Australians to wear their ugg boots to work, school, or even at home, to support the incredible work of the institute in helping people who are struggling with their mental health. Particularly relevant as life returns to a new kind of normal and the significant mental health impacts of the pandemic become clearer, Wear Your Uggs Day is designed to bring the comfort of home to everyday life, in order to create a feeling of relaxation after a year that has been quite the opposite.

People are can purchase their uggs from Ugg Express, where 10 per cent of sales will be donated to the Black Dog Institute to assist in their ongoing medical research. For those who already own ugg boots but still want to help, direct donations to the institute are also possible via the Ugg Express website. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Black Dog Institute has seen a heightened state of anxiety and a struggle to manage the uncertainty surrounding the possible spread and impact of COVID- 19. Three-quarters of Australians claimed their mental health worsened due to the pandemic and more than 80 per cent of those also said they felt very uncertain about the future.

The Black Dog Institute Director of Funding & Partnerships, Karen Elliff, says the introduction of Wear Your Uggs Day is a great way to get people thinking about their mental health, and how to implement small steps to keep their mental health strong. “We are excited to be partnering with Ugg Express and have enjoyed working with the team on this project,” Elliff said. “We are looking forward to seeing people wear their boots on June 1 around the country, knowing it is helping us continue our research and programs at the Black Dog Institute.”

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