On Tuesday 20 November the Queensland Government hosted the 2018 White Ribbon Day Breakfast at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, bringing Queenslanders together to focus much needed attention on the issue of domestic and family violence.

The breakfast featured a panel discussion led by Kay McGrath OAM, Chair of the Domestic and Family Violence Implementation Council, which focused on bystanders and how we, as a community, can challenge attitudes and beliefs and take safe and considered action to prevent violence in all forms.

The panel explored the effect culture and attitudes have on informing and influencing the decisions of bystanders to intervene in or ignore incidents of, domestic and family violence. They also discussed ways to effect change and empower individuals who are confronted with signs of abusive behaviour to intervene in a safe and effective way.

Kay McGrath wanted the panel to discuss domestic and family violence and the role of bystanders in detail, and to find real solutions. “Domestic and family violence will not go away unless we make a concerted effort and find a practical approach to dealing with the causes, so I hope the breakfast will open up many avenues for discussion and lead us towards positive and realistic outcomes,” Kay said. “I would like to encourage all Queenslanders to look around and see what they can do to help to resolve this issue. We can all make a difference to remove this unacceptable violence from our communities.”

All proceeds raised were donated to White Ribbon Australia and DVConnect.

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