Capturing the peace from rolling green hills, the flavours of nature and the aromas that rise and swirl in the wind, GreenWitch Tea brings together the simple kind of pleasures for people to apply, smell and sip guilt free.

The online boutique tea shop sells organic, fair trade, loose leaf green tea as well as hand blended and handmade herbal infusions, essential oil candles and face mists and body sprays. From the making to the products and the labeling, all GreenWitch Tea practices are eco-friendly, hoping to leave as small a footprint as possible.

Founder Suzanne Daley started GreenWitch Tea around two years ago. As a tea lover, daily tea-ritual practitioner, nutritionist and herbalist, Suzanne wanted to ensure a tea range that was ethically sourced, sustainably harvested, pure, organic, fair trade and a little different. “I believe in living each day connected to nature and honouring all living beings, and I am a lifelong student of tea, of its Zen, art, and poetry,” Suzanne said. “We genuinely want to leave this world a better place so everything we do, we do with love and kindness for people, for animals, the greater good, the Seventh Generation and Mother Earth as a whole.”

Suzanne’s knowledge as a herbalist and nutritionists has helped her create and develop GreenWitch tea in a way that differs from mainstream practices. She pays careful attention and makes specific selections. The canisters and pouches are reusable and recyclable and the heat-sealed bags are biodegradable cellophane. The printing is done on recycled paper and the inks, like the candles, are made from chemical-free soy. Even the face mists and body sprays are organic, natural, cruelty-free and vegan.

All the good things made in all the right ways for all the right reasons is a pleasant joining of forces for Suzanne. “That my love of tea is so in sync with what I know to be wholistically healthy, is one of life’s great gifts.”

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