Gold Coast entrepreneur Shar Moore has secured a spot for her magazine YMag in the gift bag received by Hollywood’s A-list at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

The publication’s founder and CEO, Shar Moore, and international artist, Lisa Pollock, joined forces and gifted a copy of the magazine (which featured Lisa on the cover) along with an inspirational 2018 planner, to help women live their life with purpose.

The strategic move towards Hollywood gifting promoted YMag’s ethos to empower women to become the best version of themselves, to the best in show business, including the likes of Oprah, Morgan Freeman, Ariel Winter, Judy Dench, and Meryl Streep.

The idea for YMag was sparked in the face of bankruptcy off the back of the 2011 Queensland floods, when Shar sought inspiration at her local newsagent. She was searching for a magazine that was ‘real’ – words from people she could connect with and focus on her ‘why’.

Finding nothing that inspired her or encouraged personal growth, she instead found her ‘why’ in her past experiences.

She remembered how her Indian heritage had once dictated her life path, including an arranged marriage agreement from the age of 11, and chose to dedicate her life to ensuring children in the same position as herself were given a choice for their life.

“I found my ‘why’. I want to raise funds for a Thai orphanage so kids can make their own choices for a better life too – I wanted to find a path that would lead me to do that. So I created YMag, a publication about real people and why they do what they do,” says Moore.

Back in 2011, the first digital edition of YMag was released. Then in July 2017, in response to eight months of research and reader surveys, the first print edition was published nationally thanks to the support of a crowdfunding campaign.

“They want to read the magazine with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – they’re sick of digital and they demanded print.

“So that’s exactly what we gave them,” says Moore, of the findings of her original reader surveys.

Lisa Pollock has built her business with the aim to inspire others to believe in the magic of their dreams.

Lisa explains, “with the influence of these celebrities preaching the exact same thing – I feel this collaboration is a strategic move, not only for my business and building my audience; but creating a positive impact on the world and using artwork to convey it.”

Lisa says “by collaborating with others we have the power to create change. We want everyone to trust and believe in themselves. Just do it. Let all the fear go and enjoy the journey.”

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