Australia has confirmed its status as the fastest growing market for Champagne, with a record eight million bottles ‘popped’ in 2017, according to the latest figures released by the Champagne Committee, the association that represents the interests of independent Champagne producers and Champagne houses. The figures also confirm that Australia holds its position as the world’s 7th largest Champagne market, with the biggest consumption per head of population outside Europe.

One of Australia’s most prominent Champagne educators, ambassadors and presenters, Kyla Kirkpatrick, said that these latest figures mirror the revenue trend across both her businesses, The Champagne Dame and Emperor Champagne. “These figures challenge common misconceptions about Champagne. One of these is that Champagne is all about parties, yachts and fancy events. These figures prove that Champagne is being enjoyed in a much broader sense, with consumption throughout the year, not simply during the festive season,” Ms Kirkpatrick said.

While the latest figures are positive for the industry they also indicate that the majority of purchases can still be attributed to the major Champagne houses. Ms Kirkpatrick is passionate about introducing more Australians to a wider variety of Champagnes, which is one of the reasons behind a recent one million dollar raise to support the launch of her latest business, Emperor Champagne.

“The Australian market is still in a stage of immaturity. Consumers begin their trial of champagne on big brand, entry-level Champagne, and once they have familiarity with that category they will move on to other Champagne styles including vintage and rosé, and then seek smaller artisan brands. We established Emperor Champagne to service the growing maturity we expect to see in this market.”

Emperor Champagne is Australia’s largest online Champagne retailer. With a custom built, temperature controlled warehouse, and a strict selection process for all Champagnes that become available for sale, Ms Kirkpatrick believes the latest figures support the need for such a unique service.

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