Not-for-profit charity At the Ark will launch its The Brave Little Bear book series at the Labrador Community Centre to help arm young victims of sexual abuse on Friday 24 August.

The three book series, which targets three different age groups from three year olds to adults, aims to reach out to victims of sexual abuse and arm them with coping mechanisms as well as the steps for future prevention. The launch will raise much needed funds for the not for profit charity while teaching children and adults about self-protective behaviours. The event will be hosted by author Xenia Schembri, who hopes to spark change through education.

The books are a vital tool for those who think that children are worth fighting for, family, educators or mental health professionals can find benefit using these books to help make those uncomfortable conversations much more comfortable. 1 in 5 children will be sexually abused before they turn 18. The Brave Little Bear Series aims to reduce these stats. On average, sexual abuse begins at 8.5 years, so equipping children before this, is safeguarding their future. They also make a promise for every 10 books sold, they will give 1 away to an at-risk family in need.

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