Multi-award-winning restaurant Cha Cha Char was born out of frustration from the misunderstanding people had about what was correctly cooked steak in restaurateur John Kilroy’s previous restaurants. It boasts a steak menu featuring more than 10 different cuts of quality pasture and grain-fed beef, cooked to perfection from the wood fired grill.

Opened in 1997 and located on Brisbane’s Eagle Street waterfront precinct, Cha Cha Char eventuated after Kilroy was asked by Kerry Packer to create a restaurant for him in the early 1990s. As part of the research, Kilroy and the team went through a palate of beef and tried all the different ways of cooking it, from a wood-fired oven, flat grill, barbecue, open flame to traditional oven – all at different temperatures, to perfect the best tastes.

Kilroy is one of Australia’s pioneers in making wagyu beef a well-known, premium cut because a lot of the education around Wagyu at Cha Cha Char was in helping customers to understand the texture and taste of the marbling. The creation of Cha Cha Char’s beef education club and consistently sharing why wagyu is such an incredible dining experience has resulted in a level of recognition for the meat that is now world-renowned.

Wagyu is a staple on the Cha Cha Char menu and to this day Kilroy and the team regularly attend Wagyu conferences to ensure that they are up to date with the newest techniques to cook a perfect steak. The staff continue to push their skills both within and outside the kitchen to deliver a great experience, and over the years Kilroy has become a nationally recognised beef judge, enabling Cha Cha Char to purchase the best produce. In addition to their beef menu, Cha Cha Char has a separate a la carte menu that caters to a wide variety of tastes. From vegetarian options such as the Miso Glazed Eggplant and Mushroom Risotto, to meaty robust dishes such as the Soveriegn Lamb Rump and Crispy Pork Belly, their a la carte menu aims to satisfy all tastebuds.

Kilroy and his team constantly go the extra mile to understand and learn about a product’s provenance and Cha Cha Char continues to be ethical in its representation of the food’s labelling and provenance and the restaurant is renowned for its consistency and quality with its clientele.

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