Lake Macquarie Council is bolstering the local arts scene with the launch of Creative LAKE foreshore outdoor art exhibition on Friday 22 June.

Residents and visitors will enjoy a new addition to the region’s cultural scene, which consists of seven mixed-media artworks. Each piece will be located along popular locations around the lake. The project is releasing in tandem with the second annual Float Your Boat night parade, the artwork will feature a bronze sky pig, a dingy, a granite hibiscus, a young monk and several graffiti murals.

All of the sculptures are the combined genius of established contemporary artists from Australia and around the world, including  Guan Wei, Guy Maestri, Naidee Changmoh and Antone Bruinsma. Alongside these sculptures, two 3D floor murals will also be joining the fray for the foreshores of Belmont and Toronto by a team of artists led by Scott Jansen. They aim to create a series of fun and immersive 3D images and optical illusions in the classic trompe-l’oeil style.

A new and exciting experience for sharing stories in virtual reality is available in the City Art Gallery and at various locations around the city. Journey back 250 years in time through Virtual Awabakal, an immersive tale from the region’s indigenous Awabakal people, which has been created by  cultural heritage artist Brett Leavy. These innovative projects will give the Creative LAKE a fresh look while creatively inserting culture into the area, whether by foot, bike or car.

Additionally, The Lake Macquarie Tourism Cultural Trails are adding four new trails, allowing the region’s arts, heritage, cultural and indigenous attractions to come together, ranging from historic sites to street art.

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