The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games 2018 (GC2018) has announced Gold Coast musician Amy Shark will headline a spectacular program of arts and cultural entertainment for its 12 day multi-arts Festival 2018.

Amy Shark will be flanked by musicians Thundamentals, Alchemy and music production The Spirit of Churaki, while physical theatre, visual arts, circus performances, dance and fashion have also found places in the program.

Coast local Amy Shark says she is excited for the opportunity to perform on a global stage.

“It’s both exciting and surreal to have the opportunity to perform as part of GC2018 celebrations at Festival 2018,” said Amy.

The festival will run from 4 to 15 April to celebrate and extend the Games experience for locals and visitors beyond the stadiums. This year there will be more than 1000 performances from around 50 countries providing a variety of free, accessible and engaging entertainment.

The festival will span the length of the coast, from Coomera through to Coolangatta, with two festival sites in Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise operating day and night.

The theme of the festival will center around the values and aspirations of the existing world whilst addressing and readdressing its inequalities.

A long-lasting legacy will be the professional development experiences Festival 2018 has provided for the arts community with world-class participation, engagement and collaboration opportunities.

Excerpts from the Gold Coast artistic program will be performed to provide quality vision opportunities with artists and spokespersons. See the full program now available online.

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