Creative agency VO Group founder Kelsie Smith’s passion for helping others inspired him create his first business.

“I remember a time when I was younger going to the markets and seeing all the hand-made ornaments and woodwork people were selling and it got me motivated. I felt I had a creative flare that I wanted to expand on which led me towards thinking about working on developing products and services, then it led me towards putting my passion for creativity and wanting to help other people,” said Smith.

But Kelsie is the first to admit the challenges that come with running his own business.

The rise of online companies offering DIY services to businesses has impacted the company on how they sell their services. Despite this, Kelsie expresses his gratefulness towards these challenges.

“I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn new things and be able to find areas to set VO Group as the first place businesses turn to.”

His agency VO Group, headquartered on the Gold Coast, has now introduced public relations (PR) to the list of services they provide to various businesses.

Within the PR realm, the agency will deliver event management, content development and scheduling, cultivating relationships with media all levels and assembling new campaigns.

According to the founder of VO Group Kelsie Smith, the company differs from other creative agencies due to the many different services they provide.

“We offer a variety of services including graphic design, web and software development, communications, marketing, social media, public relations, branding and professional filming and photography.

“However, we aren’t limited to these areas as our skills sets expand far greater.  We also employ several other companies as a part of some of our projects that are of a larger scale.”

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