Scenic Rim fruit growers, John and Alison Morrow have been producing avocadoes on their Tamborine Mountain property since they retired two decades ago and whilst avocadoes have become an Aussie breakfast staple, over the past couple of decades, it’s the other fruits that John and Alison grow that make the couple particularly interesting.

“Before we bought a section of the old avocado orchard 20 years ago, we spent a lot of time researching the different types of plants we may be able to grow in the fertile scenic rim soil. Some of our experiments have worked, and some most certainly have not, but it’s been a fun horticultural adventure for us all the same,” John said.

The Tamborine Mountain orchard grows the Champagne Fruit (also known as the babaco or mountain papaya). The Champagne Fruit is a torpedo shaped fruit that can weigh up to 2kg, it is rich in vitamin C and contains three times as much papain (a digestive enzyme) as the common pawpaw which means it is good for breaking down cholesterol. The Incas even used it to treat obesity and stress problems.  Described as a blend of strawberry, pawpaw, kiwi and pineapple, its light and refreshing fresh is also slightly effervescent, hence the name. The fruit can be eaten raw in fruit salads or it can be blended up with ice to make a  smoothie.

John and Alison’s quirky fruit tree collection doesn’t stop there, they also grow Brazilian Tree Grapes (Jaboticaba) which are dark black shiny berries (described as being a bit of a cross between a grape and a lychee), and the Peanut Butter Tree (bunchosia argentea) which has small red/orange fruit that resembles cherry tomatoes but has a dense sticky pulp that tastes and smells just like peanut butter!

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