The word luxury has found a new destination in the thriving metropolis of Brisbane. It can be found in the form of a ‘gallery-inspired’ space from the purveyors of artisan jewellery and watches known as Hardy Brothers.

With interiors that appear almost as if chiseled from stone, the 188 Edward Street flagship boutique embraces a unique architectural design that honours the brand’s storied history.

Brand Manager, Alexander Bishop said, “Galleries display the most unique and coveted items in the world, with the ideas, narratives and artisanship a vital part of the storytelling. This was our intent with the store – a place to celebrate and experience our product. This store favours meaningful exchange over ephemeral commerce.”

Mr Bishop, the fifth generation to take on the responsibility as a brand custodian, had a pivotal role in bringing the new boutique to life, partnering with luxury branding and creative agency 3 Deep to create an assemblage of experiences as you move throughout the space. The store’s mindful, minimalist approach pays respect to Hardy Brothers’ heritage of stonecutting, with their first store on Queen Street located just steps from their new flagship, some 126 years ago.

Artfully designed to provide a unique theatre of experiences, the bright and finely detailed store reveals itself over time, from areas dedicated to the display of the brand’s most extraordinary pieces, through to intimate bridal and engagement areas designed to support bespoke commissioning services. Towards the rear of the space, the material palette shifts and you are cocooned within an opulent watch lounge reminiscent of clubs of a bygone era.

The piéce de resistance of the experience is the Vault – the apex of the brand’s offering and a space designed for private viewings of the world’s most coveted diamonds and gems. Cloaked in polished copper and rich Australian timbers, the Vault celebrates all things artisanship.

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