Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic’s humble entrepreneurship has turned into a global brand resulting in the young pair recently being named on the Forbes annual 30 under 30 rich list.

HiSmile was originally started when Nik and Alex recognised a lack of brand and focus in the dental industry. With no prior experience in the dentistry or beauty industry, the boys jumped into the business with the hope that their unique approach had the potential to stand out in one of the World’s biggest industries. The Gold Coast locals had the idea for the brand at a family dinner in 2014. The name choice was random, the boys decided to stick with HiSmile due to the fact that they had not seen the brand name before and there were no preconceptions around the name.

The self funded duo have created products that are peroxide-free, rather using sodium bicarbonate which avoids irritation to your gums or mouth. The standard teeth whitening kit takes 10 minutes per application- ideally marketed to somebody who is constantly on the go. HiSmile’s unique marketing approach launched the brand’s success and is what has fuelled the boy’s rapid growth. Nik and Alex dedicate 100 per cent of their marketing budget to social media advertisements which includes collaborating with influencers, celebrities and promoters. HiSmile has worked with internationally recognised celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Conor McGregor as well as more local influencers including Shani Grimmond, Ashton Wood and Skye Wheatley. The founders believe through working with influencers they are able to target potential customers through personal experiences.

Nik and Alex’s competitive drive and ambition has also played a major role in the brand’s success. The boys aim to grow HiSmile to become as much of a household name as Nike or Apple with the ultimate goal being to dominate the oral cosmetics sector.

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