Paddington’s Little Black Dress Shop has launched its winter range, with textures like romantic lace, velvet and fur dominating the seasonal trends. The line’s touch of femininity is versatile with pieces suitable for both day and evening engagements.

The label melds beautiful details with the chance to dress the pieces up or down for casual or more up market looks. Featuring dresses, pant suits, blazers and vests, layers play an important role in the chic and elegant look. The pieces of lace detailing are sleek, a favourite in the eye of Little Black Dress Shop’s owner Karen Wilson. “Lace, velvet, silk and fur are such beautiful, luxurious fabrics to wear and so we are delighted that they’re having a fashion revival,” Ms Wilson said. “We drew inspiration from all the gorgeous textures in our latest pieces and thought how fitting it is to showcase them to our clients as there is all the excitement about the Royal Wedding. Another key element to the way we style our garments is to show the versatility of each item encouraging our clients to wear them in as many ways as possible.”

Whilst not all dresses in the Little Black Dress Shop are black,with the variety of maroons and blues included, they are all classic and timeless. “One of the most exciting elements of our work is sourcing beautiful brands from across the globe. We are constantly on buying trips to find new and exciting pieces to add to our collection, but at the end of the day, the emphasis for the LBD Shop is always on beautiful, modern classics that have been thoughtfully designed and are of the highest quality.”

The Little Black Dress Shop aims to provide a great fit for customers in both terms of measurements and the adaptability of the garments. “Our main focus is on finding the right fit for each of our clients before anything else! We believe in investment dressing, in the sense that you buy quality pieces that work cohesively in your wardrobe to really showcase your unique personality & sense of style.”

Little Black Dress Shop prides itself at dressing the modern woman with a multi-faceted lifestyle. The store is located at 199 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.

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