Mercedes-Benz Brisbane has unveiled plans to open its first boutique retail at 300 Adelaide Street offering in mid-August, located in the heart of Brisbane’s golden triangle district.

A member of Lei Shing Hong (LSH) Auto Australia, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane has designed the new concept, offering a range of automotive services to those living and working in the central business district. The Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Boutique will allow consumers to book test drives of the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles, book their own car in for a service and purchase merchandise.

Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Dealer Principal Shane Parkins, said this will provide a new touchpoint for existing clientele, as well as create the opportunity for the brand to reach a new customer base. “We know people are increasingly time-poor, so we want to make life as easy as possible for our clients, and see this as a chance to offer a more convenient, customer-centric service in the easy-to-access heart of Brisbane City,” said Shane. “We’re continually looking for new, innovative solutions to promote ease of business for both current and future customers and this concept really hits the nail on the head. We’ve created something unique for the Brisbane market that connects with customers in a local way.”

As well as being inspired by the global network of MercedesMe stores, which have been designed to operate as creative hubs for the public to engage with the brand in a relaxed, non-sales driven environment, the concept was also based on consumer insights and is a demonstration of Mercedes-Benz Brisbane’s approach to retail and customer behaviour. “With the way retail has been evolving and will continue to evolve, we know that consumers want to experience the essence of a brand – not just its products. The way LSH Auto Australia are developing new projects, including our Breakfast Creek development, has this fusion of brand and lifestyle at the heart,” explained Shane.

The showroom will be alongside retail partner Motorwagen, a new café/restaurant offering contemporary dining experience with an emphasis on house-made dishes and best local produce.

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