Sid Coombes and Callena Brenchley are the faces behind Brisbane photography powerhouse Daisy & The Duke who will be travelling around the country to create a visual depiction of diversity, love and life in all corners of Australia. In August the pair will be embarking on a one year journey around Australia, visiting regional communities and remote landscapes that remain otherwise untouched and undocumented.

Although they have recently created their new photography business Daisy & The Duke, the pair realised that instead of cancelling all future plans to travel they would venture around Australia and focus on the business at the same time. “There is so many amazing natural sights and hikes around the country, and we decided we just couldn’t wait until we were grey nomads to experience it all,” the couple said. Both Sid and Callena hope to expand Daisy & The Duke from South East Queensland to different states and territories to help build a presence in other parts of the country. “We want tot meet people from all walks of life, and to tell their interesting and unique stories through our photography. We want to focus on creating a body of work that shows diversity of love all around Australia.”

Sid and Callena’s passion for photography developed at Griffith Univeristy’s Queensland College of Art in Southbank, where the pair studied photography together. Although Sid and Callena are both professional photographers, they majored in different fields, allowing their business to have experienced photographers in a variety of fields. From studying together, to having a relationship together, Sid and Callena have made a conscious effort to structure their business so that they can share every milestone and opportunity together as well. “We spend basically all day every day together, and while this doesn’t work for every couple, we actually thrive on it. We have structured roles to play to our strengths, so we both really enjoy what we do.”

For the past two years, Sid and Callena have pushed their business in the direction of being mobile, by expanding their client base through becoming known in other areas and regions across Australia. The Australian road trip will focus on the diversity of landscapes, wedding styles, family units and individuals that the nation has to offer.

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