Brunswick Picture House will undergo a $1 million refurbishment including updating the office and backstage areas, long-awaited new seats, air-conditioning, restrooms and renovating the roof with a full solar array, with the aim of making the Picture House fully self-sustaining and selling power back onto the local grid.

Producers of the house Chris Chen and Brett Haylock unveiled their first completed works program and they hoped the upgrades could provide better services to the customers. “Everything we plan has to do with optimizing the comfort and experience of both our loving and loyal customers, and the stream of amazing local and international performers who pass through our doors,” said Brett.

The State Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy and Northern NSW The Hon Ben Franklin was on site to celebrate the works to date and launched the next phase of the capital works program on Wednesday 11 July. Franklin was pleased to see how the progress was going. “I have been thrilled to see the Brunswick Picture House grow over the past 24 months to be an entertainment icon for our region,” he said.

Brett continued to hint that there are very few secrets around the Picture House. “We tend to shout loud and proud about everything we do,” said Brett. “But one thing most people are not in any way aware of is that we are not-for-profit and that my partner Chris Chen and I have brought in significant private sector investment and this has funded all the works to date.” Chris showed his gratitude to all their private sector benefactors and supporter. “In order to fully fund detailed future venue improvements, we will now need to expand our financial support base to both government and private sectors,” said Chris.

In its two year reincarnation, the 200 capacity theatre has provided an international standard of performances across live music, cabaret, comedy, circus and film for all ages. For the first time, the Brunswick Picture House will be making applications to Regional Arts NSW, and other Government agencies for the next phase of a long-planned capital works program.

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